Friends Turned Bloggers

Quite a few friends of mine are taking a gap year and decided to blog about their experiences, so if you’re interested, take a look!

Blogs in English

My good friend Enno went abroad to Bangkok, Thailand! He’s experiencing some real big cultural differences and likes to blog about them humorously. Click here if you want to read about his latest visits to night markets, temples and other sights.

One of my few really religious friends, Sarahya, is participating in a Bible school program in Germany which includes a period of missionary work abroad, in her case in Kenya. Those of you who are interested, click here.

Blogs in German

Michelle, one of my fellow volunteers with my sending organization BIQ, is currently living in Dijon, France. She is working for an organization called CEMÉA. If you want to find out more about that, click here.

Niklas is also a volunteer with BIQ. He is working in a German kindergarten in suburban Paris (Créteil), France. Click here for his blog.

Andrea, another BIQ volunteer, is volunteering with Unis-Cité in Toulouse, France. Her work is rich in variety as her team takes on different tasks on a weekly basis. Read more here.


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