As a Chinese speaking person who can actually tell Chinese and Japanese tourists apart, I do have to admit that Chinese people seem to have infiltrated even the most remote places on this planet. In Milan, there’s even more Chinese people than elsewhere. I don’t exactly know why, but there seems to be a whole history of Chinese migration to Milan and I should really finish that book Max gave me about it.

Anyway – Milan has a Chinatown, a proper one, truly. I don’t go there unless I want to introduce friends to authentic Chinese cuisine, so I took Wim to my one and only Chinese restaurant. Eating with chopsticks was kind of a struggle for him, but apart from that, it was as great as always. The delicious little thingies in the picture are called  小籠包 (pronounce Xiaolongbao). They are usually filled with pork, they are steamed in wooden baskets and they are just sooooo yummy!


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